The Sutton’s Farm Story

David and Ros purchased a traditional apple and stone fruit orchard in 1994 after selling the prawn trawler they had owned and worked out of Lucinda in North Queensland for sixteen years. Learning a whole new industry was aided by the previous owner and they soon added raspberries and blackberries to the business. All three of their school age children became berry pickers during the height of berry season which coincided with the summer school and then university holidays.

Farmers Markets

By the year 2000 Farmers Markets in Brisbane and the Gold Coast had sprung up providing a new outlet to sell apples, berries and stone fruit direct from the farm to the consumer. Attending these markets became a weekly event for the next nine years. Again it was a family affair with their children giving up their Saturday mornings from University to help Mum and Dad sell fruit and value added products at the markets where customers appreciated buying products directly from the farmer and his family.


During this time Farmer Dave, as he became known, refined his manufacturing skills to produce apple juice, apple cider, apple cider vinegar, apple syrup, apple brandy, liqueurs and preserves. From small beginnings the farm packing shed gradually evolved into the shop and café it is today. Remaining true to the philosophy of preservative and additive free, from the farm and Granite Belt all products and café food are made on site keeping in character with a genuine farmhouse style of product.

Ros and Dave Sutton in the apple orchard at Sutton's Farm